Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A personal reflective journal on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Maslow has set up hierarchic theory of needs which consists of five levels of basic needs. In these five basic levels, a person does not feel the urge for second basic need if his/ her first basic need is not fulfilled.

The hierarchy of basic needs is as follows-
- Physiological needs
These needs are for oxygen, food, water, and a relatively constant body temperature. These needs are the basic needs that a person requires and if deprived of it cannot survive. These physiological needs would come first in order to satisfy a human being at the most primary level.
- Safety Needs
Need of a secure environment is only felt during an emergency or when there is disorganization in the social structure e.g. rioting.
Children are the ones who always show signs of being insecure

- Needs of love , Affection and Belongingness

Maslow states that people normally get over their feelings of loneliness by receiving love and giving love to others and having a sense of belonging.
This includes love from family and friends. If people are deprived of love and affection from family or friends they begin to have the urge for relationships.

- Needs for esteem

If all the first three needs are satisfied then there is need for self esteem and respect from others. This need becomes very dominant after the first three levels of basic needs are satisfied. If this need is not satisfied then the person can feel extremely inferior and have a low self –esteem and also feel worthless

- Needs for self- actualization

A person feels the need to do what he what he was “born to do”. After all the stages are fulfilled then a person feels the need for self- fulfillment and seeking self- growth. It is not always clear to person what he/she needs for self-fulfillment.

As far as I am concerned I think all my physiological needs are satisfied. The need for security is mostly needed during emergencies so I think that the need for security is not entirely fulfilled. There is never full assurance of security but all an individual can do is making as many provisions that can keep him/her secure and that is what I try and do. Need for love and belongingness is what I need all the time and I am lucky enough to get it without me asking for it. As three basic needs are almost fulfilled the need for esteem comes gradually. As love and affection is shown to me by my family and friends, I feel contented by the love and affection shown to me by others.
It is only the need of self- actualization that I have not yet craved for. I think the reason for this is that I have not been contended entirely at the initial stages. At a certain age, when I grow older and feel that my need for esteem has reached beyond expectation, and all my other needs have been fulfilled satisfactorily I will crave for my self- fulfillment.

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